A Short Trip To Martha’s Vineyard

This past weekend we had a short visit to Martha’s Vineyard. Martha’s Vineyard is an island in Massachusetts. Many of our presidents vacation here. It is very beautiful and peaceful. Our first day we visited the Cliffs of Aquinnah. The fog had rolled in by the time we arrived. It was so thick you couldn’t even see the Gayhead Lighthouse. We decided to take a stroll down the beach.

MARTHASVINEYARD_061415-1010-Edit MARTHASVINEYARD_061415-1012-Edit

The next morning I wanted to get out early so it was off to the East Chop Lighthouse for sunrise. It was a bit cloudy. Some leftover weather from the night before. Sometimes weather like this can work for you, especially when the clouds add some drama to the image.


After the East Chop Lighthouse I headed over to Edgartown while the light was still good to capture the Edgartown Lighthouse.


We headed back to Aquinnah for sunset. This time the fog stayed away and I was able to capture a nice panorama of the Gayhead Lighthouse. I also had the pleasure of meeting a fellow photographer from Boston.


The next evening I wanted to go back to Edgartown and try for another go at the Edgartown Lighthouse. We would be leaving the next day so I figured I should at least try to make the best of our last sunset. While I was waiting for the right light I noticed the image below and had to capture it. I decided to use my Lee Filters Big Stopper to force a long exposure turning the ocean silky smooth.


As the sun went down I set my camera to the lighthouse and captured a couple of images before heading back.


One thought on “A Short Trip To Martha’s Vineyard

  1. I love your work and I am sure that others love your photos as well. You are so gifted, there are those who take pictures and then there are those who carry it to an art form. You take photography to an art form.

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