California Adventure Pt 5

First order of business when arriving in San Francisco was to catch up on emails and internet. Going an entire week completely cut off from technology was nice, but now we were like a couple of internet junkies. Since it was my first time in San Francisco, I used this time to scout out a few spots. We had limited time in the city and I knew there were a couple of places I wanted to see. We were staying a block away from Fishermans Wharf so that is where we decided to grab a bite to eat and then I wanted to shoot down near the Bay Bridge. With all the attention on the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge is often overlooked.



Battery Spencer at sunrise has got to be one of the best spots in San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge.



We had wanted to get to Alcatraz but all tickets had sold out for the remainder of the week. So here is a great tip. The Alcatraz tour keeps 75 – 150 tickets per day to sell at the ticket booth. You need to be at the booth at least an hour before they open but you might just get on a ferry.





If you are a prisoner arriving at Alcatraz, Broadway is the row of cells you would be lead through when you first arrive.







The actual cell that John Anglin escaped from.


The corridor that lead to the roof from behind the cell block.


Once we got back to shore I had another vantage point for sunset that I wanted to take in that promised to have a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It takes about 15-20 minutes to hike down to the shore but Baker Beach did not disappoint.



By the time I made back up to the top it was already dark.


We weren’t quite ready to go back to the hotel yet so we decided just for fun to check out the Golden Gate Bridge Viewpoint.


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