California Adventure Pt 4 (tragedy)

We were nearing the end of our stay in Yosemite so we decided to take a day trip out to Bodie. Bodie is the largest ghost town in the United States and promised to be worth the ride. Besides I wanted to see Mono lake. In pictures it looks very other worldly and I was hoping to capture that. That would be where tragedy struck. More on that later. First stop Bodie. On our way to Bodie we made a pit stop at Tenaya Lake. I wish we had known that the other side of Yosemite along Tioga Road was so amazing. I think we would have spent a lot more time on that side of the park. It is absolutely stunning.







So the story goes that if you remove anything from the town of Bodie bad things will happen. There are countless stories of harm befalling those that have taken from the town. Even taking a rock with you can spell doom. I am not really the type to buy into superstition and besides I didn’t take anything from Bodie so what happened at our next stop is just coincidence… right? This brings us to the tragedy part of the story. On our way back we stopped at Mono Lake so I could get some shots of the “alien landscape”. Mono Lake is certainly worth a stop to look at. The scenery makes for nice photos, but it smells terrible and there are bugs everywhere. I spent about 45 minutes there trying to get some nice angles of the tufa formations. It was hot and smelled bad so it was about time to go. Right about then is when I hear the sickening crunch of my camera coming loose from the tripod and hitting the ground. The foot on my Nikon 70-200 lens failed and as the camera hit the ground it completely broke the lens mount ring. My brand new D810 completely shot for the remainder of the trip. Needless to say I was devastated. Normally I would be carrying an extra camera body, but for this trip I had planned to travel light. Thank God for Borrow Lenses in San Carlos. I made a stop there on our way to San Francisco and I was back to shooting the next morning at sunrise.



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