Another Downtown Miami Outing

What is your second most important piece of equipment? I often ask this question when I am teaching someone. For me the answer is clear. It is a good tripod. Of course your camera is first but a good tripod can make all the difference in the world when it comes to sharp images. It is absolutely necessary when we are talking about night photography. Even with todays ultra sensitive full frame sensors you simply cannot hand hold your camera at night. Most of my night shots are at minimum 30 seconds sometimes much more. It is crucial with a long exposure that the camera is absolutely still. I like to switch my camera over to live view at night to reduce the vibrations that come with the mirror snapping back. Also Its a good idea to hang your camera bag from the tripod to add some weight. Do not let it swing. It should be touching the ground but not resting on it. Use a remote shutter release if you have one and if you don’t, set the camera to the timer so when you press the shutter you don’t move the camera.

The other night I was out to get some night shots of downtown Miami. I was pretty happy with the results. Check them out.


This is what the Port Of Miami looks like at night.



We were shooting on the New River for a while and then security asked us to leave. We weren’t bothering anyone. In fact a few people even stopped to talk to us. The best part was when a couple of dolphins started to play out in the water.

MIAMI_010915-1011So there I was attempting to get the city all lit up and time it just right to get some light trails from the passing cars when this taxi drives up and stops right next to me. A happy accident. I love how the light trails follow the road and then the taxi is right at the end.


My favorite shot of the night. This is taken from the top  of the bridge overlooking the New River.

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