New York

The Big Apple

We have been talking about going to New York for the Thanksgiving Day Parade for some time now but have never seemed to do it. Well 2014 would be the year. It was awesome. The parade was amazing and the city is amazing too! We only had a couple of days there so we had to make the best of our time.


Macy’s really knows how to put on a show.


Macys Parade Toothless

My favorite, Toothless, from How To Train Your Dragon

Macys Parade Big Bird

Everybody’s favorite, Big Bird


Macys Parade Santa Clause

And finally the star of the parade. Santa Claus.

The rest of the day, we spent exploring the city. We were fortunate enough to be staying about a block away from Times Square.

Saint Patricks Cathedral

We started with Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Saint Patricks Cathedral Restoration


The cathedral was being restored at the time. Saint Patrick’s is right across the street from Rockefeller Center. If you have seen 30 Rock on TV… That’s the place.


That evening we searched for a good place to have a nice Thanksgiving Dinner since we were away from home. We ended up at O’lunney’s Times Square Pub were we enjoyed what may have been the best chicken pot pie we ever tasted. ***** highly recommended.

We took a stroll through Times Square and then back to the hotel.

Times Square New York

The Muse Hotel

Our hotel The Muse. It was very nice and conveniently close to Times Square.

The next morning was awesome as we took in many of the sights around town.

New York

New York

New York

Cindy opted out of this since she is terrified of heights.


We got a nice view of One World Trade Center from The Staten Island Ferry.


The view of the Statue Of Liberty from the ferry is awesome, just make sure you are on the correct side of the boat.


The day flew by. We were both pretty pooped after the day was done but I didn’t want to miss out on my time so while Cindy slept I walked around town on my own.





Most of the shops and office buildings were decked out with Christmas decorations.


This one is one of my favorites of the night.


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